Posting events….

We’ve had quite a few questions regarding our events schedule. While we continue to hash it out I’ve decided to go ahead and put some on the calendar for the next week or so. What we have up there so far include D&D, Magic, and board games with more things to come.

Several people have also asked about reserving space for their own games. We should have plenty of space for this, so feel free to email us ( to reserve a table.

Hope to see you soon!

More stuff coming in!

We have more stuff coming in today, including more kids games and classic games.

We’ll be open normal business hours – 2pm-9pm – so stop on by if you’re in the area!

Our hours tomorrow – Christmas Eve – will be shortened to 11am-5pm.

If we don’t see you before, have a safe and happy holiday!

I Assure You, We’re Open!

Yes, that’s right, we are OPEN!

And we’ve already put our first D&D event on the schedule for Wednesday, December 28th at 6:30pm. Additional events will be added over the next couple of days, so be sure to check our page often.

We will be open for our normal business hours on December 22nd and 23rd, but will most likely close early on the 24th. And we will be closed on Christmas Day.

We are also tossing around ideas for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and events.

Scheduling events….

As we get closer to officially opening we are receiving more inquiries about what events we’ll have. Primarily questions about Magic and D&D, but others, as well. The following is a tentative schedule of weekly events. Please let us know what you think.

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday: Magic “cheap” draft / D&D AL
  • Wednesday: D&D AL / Magic Modern constructed
  • Thursday: Magic EDH (Commander)
  • Friday: Magic draft
  • Saturday: Magic Standard / D&D AL (every other week)
  • Sunday: Pokemon open play / Magic rotating format (2HG, sealed, constructed, EDH, etc.)

One advantage we have is space for ~50 people playing games at any one time, so even if there are events going there’s a good chance you can find a place to sit and play something from our games library (which will grow with time), or something you bring in to share.

I also want to find time slots for Warhammer and other miniatures games since we had an awesome table made (it’s 4×6!) specifically for miniatures gaming. Plus, our conference tables are big enough for many of the games.

Are there any games you’d like to see featured on our calendar? Please let us know!

Friends and Family Night

Friends and Family Night

We are happy to announce we are finally opening our game store in Hillsboro. In appreciation for all our friends and family who have provided such great input and support, we’d like to invite you to do some pre-holiday shopping as we give thanks to you all.

· 15% off all purchases

· Snacks and Refreshments

· Games to play

Saturday, December 17th from 6pm to 10pm

Located at 238 SE Washington St., Hillsboro, OR

Getting everything in its right place

We spent most of today picking up fixtures (shelves, etc.) and setting them up while also working on the overall layout of the store. Tomorrow will be more of the same. It really is coming together nicely. We hope you’re all as pleased with the result as we are.

The only thing holding us back at this point is the electrical (receptacles and light fixtures) which should be completed on Tuesday, December 13th. This would have been done by now, but winter weather got in the way.

Once the electrical is done we will bring in the merchandise that has been piling up in our garage (and spilling over into our house!) and be open for business!!

In the meantime, we will be hosting our 2nd Game Night at McNally’s Taproom on Monday, December 12th. Please come down, buy a drink, and play some games with us. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone.

Soon….very, very soon….

Progress is being made. It now feels like things really are moving right along.

  • The paint is done*
  • The contractor is nearly done with his stuff
  • The carpet is getting installed today and tomorrow

Once that is done, we will be moving things in and setting up.

More product has arrived, with more rolling in later this week.

Stay tuned for more!

* Aside from a few touch-ups here and there that will get done….someday?

December 1st, 2016!

Things are coming together!

We were able to get almost all of the space painted Tuesday & Wednesday. Now the contractor has to finish up the last few things on his list and we can do the last bit of painting and have the carpet installed. Hopefully by the end of next week.

Once the carpet is done, we will start setting up tables, chairs, displays, and bringing in merchandise.

Looking forward to it all!