Some minor adjustments

We’ve been open now for a little more than a month. In that time we have realized that we need to make some minor adjustments to schedules.

Beginning this weekend, we will be opening at noon on Saturdays and Sundays instead of 11:00am. We found that no one was coming in before noon and we were struggling to get things done – trips to Costco and other errands which always seem to take longer than expected. There are exceptions to this open time change: events like the Warmachine tournament on February 18th, or other special events.

Magic Draft on Tuesdays will start at 6:30pm so that it will be done closer to our closing time of 9pm.

Parking on Evening and Weekends

We get a lot of people asking about parking in the Civic Center lot near the building since the signs still say “Permit Only”. We’ve verified with the City and the lot is OK after 5:30pm weekdays and all day on weekends. The map the city provides doesn’t outline exactly where the lot is very well so I attached a screenshot from Google Maps to help people figure out where is best to park.


Street parking during the day is available on SE 2nd and 3rd Streets and there’s a parking structure on SE 1st and Washington that has 2 hour parking available on one of the levels.

Hope to see you soon!

More things trickling in…

Now that we’ve warmed up and melted, more and more things are trickling in from our vendors. We’re hoping it all arrives by tomorrow so that we can be full up on stock for the weekend.

What’s coming in, you’re wondering?

  • Magic the Gathering – Aether Revolt boosters, bundles, and decks
  • Star Wars: Destiny decks and boosters
  • Many board games and expansions
  • Various Warhammer
  • Chessex dice
  • Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten about

What has already arrived?

  • Dex Protection deck boxes and binders
  • Inked Gaming playmats and dice bags
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters
  • Numenera core book
  • Various board games
  • KMC Hyper Matte sleeves
  • And more that I’ve forgotten about

As always, we have multiple events throughout the weekend, including ones for the launch of MTG: Aether Revolt. Hope to see you soon!


Snow…snow…GO AWAY!!!

We’ve had more than enough snow and ice in the last few weeks. It’s been great seeing everyone who has ventured out, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone who was unable to do so.

But the good news is it looks like things will continue to clear up over the next few days which means we can get back to hosting our full scheduled of events, including some extra events for the new Magic the Gathering release:



Of course, if Magic’s not your thing, we also have D&D, Star Wars Destiny, Numenera Organized Play, and Gundam Builders. Be sure to check our Events page for day and time. You can also find our events on our Facebook page: @runeandboard

Hope to see you all soon!

Happy New Year!

We’re officially in the new year and looking forward to building our new business. Since opening not quite 3 weeks ago we’ve had many people stopping by to welcome us to Hillsboro and check out what who we are and what we do. So far the feedback we’ve gotten has been great.

We are continuing to fill in our calendar with events, and our shelves with new games, accessories, and supplies. One thing I didn’t anticipate was how much stuff would be sold out at our vendors this time of year. Fortunately, many things are coming back into stock and should be arriving at our doorstep very soon.

For events, most of what we have up are for Magic and D&D but we also want to fill in with other games. So, if there are any games you’d like to see supported, feel free to message on Facebook or email us at

Hope to see you soon!