More things trickling in…

Now that we’ve warmed up and melted, more and more things are trickling in from our vendors. We’re hoping it all arrives by tomorrow so that we can be full up on stock for the weekend.

What’s coming in, you’re wondering?

  • Magic the Gathering – Aether Revolt boosters, bundles, and decks
  • Star Wars: Destiny decks and boosters
  • Many board games and expansions
  • Various Warhammer
  • Chessex dice
  • Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten about

What has already arrived?

  • Dex Protection deck boxes and binders
  • Inked Gaming playmats and dice bags
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters
  • Numenera core book
  • Various board games
  • KMC Hyper Matte sleeves
  • And more that I’ve forgotten about

As always, we have multiple events throughout the weekend, including ones for the launch of MTG: Aether Revolt. Hope to see you soon!