International Table Top Day is coming

Rune and Board will be participating in International Table Top Day this year. In the past we’ve usually gone to someone else’s ITTD but this year we’re putting on our own! We’re planning on having a variety of different tabletop games, with Learn to Play D&D, Numenera OP, Blood Bowl, Magic: the Gathering Mini Masters, and our own spin on ITTD, Gaming After Dark. We sell Cards Against Humanity, we might as well play it, too. We’ll also have snacks and drinks on hand and be raffling off some sweet swag. As always, we have a library of games to play, and depending on what we get from various sources, we might have some promo cards or games to give away.

More info will be coming next month so stay tuned.

GaMA News and Finds

Well, we’re fresh back from GaMA 2017 and some of the latest news is trickling out. You may have seen updates and CMON’s Song of Ice and Fire miniature game, or the new faction for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar (spoiler: they’re dwarves). We sat in many presentations and talked to a lot of vendors. After talking to the Army Painter guy, we decided to bring in their line of paints to supplement our Citadel paint line. We should be getting that in next month.

Along a similar line of thought, we will be bringing in the new unpainted minis from WizKids for D&D/Pathfinder. We have a sample to show off, and it looks amazing. We were equally impressed with the Starfinder minis Ninja Division will be producing to go along with Paizo’s new Starfinder fantasy space epic. We’re really excited about the Starfinder release, and will post a blog about what to expect at release. There’s a special freebie Paizo is releasing as part of Free RPG Day (coming June 17th) that gives a sneak peak at the system. We’ll have in store, along with other giveaways that day. Starfinder sounds different, yet familiar to the existing Pathfinder system. The demos were always full, otherwise we’d have a better report!

We will be placing an order for Wasteland Express Delivery Service. Again, the demos were always full but we had a chance to watch game play and it looks like a lot of fun. A little bit of Tank Girl, a little bit of Gammarauders, a little bit Mad Max with a dash of a legacy game added in. Expected release is later in 2017. We had a chance to look at Runewars (no demos, sadly) and were intrigued. It looked to be more in line with a skirmish/wargame sort of deal, with the models on trays so you can move them all at once, and using a dial for movement familiar to people who have played Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Games. We have a copy on order, so if you’re interested we can hold it for you!

AEG had a number of announcements at the show, including the new Smash Up add-on Big in Japan where you can play as magical girls, pocket monsters, sentai or kaiju. We will be bringing in their organized play kit for Smash Up All-Stars this summer. They’re encouraging people to fill out a survey and get an exclusive Smash up faction. I thought we should pass along the offer in case anyone wanted to play as Sheep. If anyone is interested in a pre-order for Sakura Arms or Unicornus Knights please drop us a line. They should be released later this year as part of their “Big in Japan” line.

On the RPG front, besides finding out about Starfinder, we had a short talk with the folks behind Green Ronin Games and will be bringing in their Fantasy AGE and Blue Rose RPGs. Fantasy AGE might be familiar to people as the system used for Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave on Geek and Sundry. Blue Rose is back in print after a couple of years and updated to use the AGE system found in Dragon Age and Fantasy AGE. It’s based on romantic fantasy, like Mercedes Lackey and Jacqueline Carey. The art is fabulous and it has quite a following so we hope to add it to the growing list of RPGs the store supports.



Modern Masters 2017!!

Hi all, Rune and Board is planning on celebrating the upcoming Modern Masters 2017 release with special events the weekend of March 17th. First up, we have FNM featuring Modern Masters 2017 draft for $40. Prize support will be 1 pack per win (plus FNM promos) with a cap of 3 rounds. Individual booster packs will also be available on Friday for $9.99 each.

On Saturday, March 18th, we’re hosting a Modern Masters Sealed event, with an entry fee of $80. Prize support will be 2 packs per match win with a cap of 3 rounds. That evening our semi-regular Modern constructed event will have Modern Masters 2017 as the prize, with 1.5 packs per player. Entry fee for that event is $15.

This set looks amazing and drafting it will be awesome. It’s a great opportunity to play with cards that haven’t been reprinted in many years. Hope to see you there!

March Update: M:tG. D and D and other events news

As we go into our third (!!) month of business, it seemed like a good time to write a post about what all has been and will be going on in our store.

Currently we’re taking pre-orders for Modern Masters 2017 at $200 a box (release Mar 17, MSRP $239.76). If you’ve seen the spoilers, you know there’s some really exciting cards in this upcoming set. Liliana of the Veil, Zendikar fetchlands, and Damnation are being reprinted, along with returning classics Tarmogoyf, Gifts Ungiven, and Blood Moon

We’re also taking pre-orders for the new D&D sourcebook Tales from the Yawning Portal for $40 (release Mar 24, MSRP $49.95). It’s an update to some classic modules from the past, such as White Plume Mountain, Against the Giants and Tomb of Horrors. Designed to be used with your current campaign, it has adventures from 1st to 15th level.

We recently started a Magic:the Gathering Standard series, in support of the new set Aether Revolt. Running from Feb 15th through April 16th, it has some great prizes such as an Amonkhet booster box, Amonkhet bundle or free entry into an Amonkhet pre-release. Wizards is sponsoring a Standard Showdown to co-incide with Amonkhet and we plan on running that starting May 7th.

Along with the Standard series running every Wednesday and Sunday, we are also holding regular Commander/EDH nights on Thursday and Friday Night Magic draft every Friday. Tuesday nights we’ve been experimenting with different sorts of M:tG events, like Conspiracy 2 draft, Two-Headed Giant (2HG) or something different like Planechase or Chaos draft. We’re running an exciting chaos draft on March 7th so if you’ve always wanted to play Theros with Shadows Over Innistrad, M11, or Conspiracy 2, this might be your chance. 

Wednesday and Sunday are our big days for D&D Adventurers League. Check out the Oregon Adventurers League Meetup to find out more and to RSVP. We have a limited number of slots so the best way to ensure you get a seat is to reserve a place.

As for other RPGs, Nick runs Monte Cook Games’ Cypher Play every other Saturday. It’s a great place to start if you’ve never played Numenera before and are interested in a rules-light, fantasy-futuristic setting 1 billion years in the future. We have a Shadowrun Missions group starting and would love to host a Star Wars or Pathfinder Society group. If you’re looking for play space, drop us a comment or message on Facebook.

Rune & Board is going to Vegas!

But no, we’re not going to gamble away our life savings or see any glitzy shows. Instead, we’ll be attending the GAMA Trade Show to learn more about what we can do to build our business and bring new things to Hillsboro.

Along with meeting several of our vendors, we will also get to see new and upcoming products, as well as finding some new stuff to bring in to the store.

Because we’ll be attending this event, we will be closed 2 extra days: Tuesday, the 14th, and Wednesday, the 15th. The Magic Standard Series normally run on Wednesday won’t be rescheduled.

We will be open as usual for the rest of the week – Thursday through Sunday.