Hi all, Rune and Board is planning on celebrating the upcoming Modern Masters 2017 release with special events the weekend of March 17th. First up, we have FNM featuring Modern Masters 2017 draft for $40. Prize support will be 1 pack per win (plus FNM promos) with a cap of 3 rounds. Individual booster packs will also be available on Friday for $9.99 each.

On Saturday, March 18th, we’re hosting a Modern Masters Sealed event, with an entry fee of $80. Prize support will be 2 packs per match win with a cap of 3 rounds. That evening our semi-regular Modern constructed event will have Modern Masters 2017 as the prize, with 1.5 packs per player. Entry fee for that event is $15.

This set looks amazing and drafting it will be awesome. It’s a great opportunity to play with cards that haven’t been reprinted in many years. Hope to see you there!