For the new M:tG set, Hour of Devastation, we’re running a 4-week league. League days are Wednesday, but you can come in any day we’re open and play games. League starts July 17th and runs through August 13th.

For $20 you get 3 packs, a storage box and a match card. With your 3 starting packs, you’ll build a 30 card (minimum) deck. Record your deck list and start playing! You can join the league at any time by buying packs to catch up.

You can buy a new booster pack each week AND after losing 3 matches. Matches are best out of 1. Record your matches on your match card and at the end of 4 weeks, we’ll award prizes based on win percentage (tie breaks determined by match points).

1st prize – Hour of Devastation Bundle

2nd prize – Pre-release entry for Ixalan

3rd prize – Playmat of your choice

Get a promo Magic die for every 6 games played. All players get a full art foil land (while supplies last).

See additional rules and info on our Magic: the Gathering page.

Update (7/28/17) — Due to the number of participants, we’ve increased prize support. We’ve increased what 1st and 2nd place will get and added 4th and 5th place. The new structure is as follows:

1st prize – Two bundles (one from Hour of Devastation, one from Amonkhet)

2nd prize – Pre-release entry for Ixalan and an Ixalan planeswalker deck

3rd prize – Playmat of your choice

4th prize – Planeswalker deck of your choice

5th prize – One set of in stock dice