Board Games Open Play

Bring in your favorite board games, or grab one from our collection to play.

Magic the Gathering – Thursday Night Commander

Magic the Gathering - Thursday Night Commander Capped at 24 players - first come, first served Please remember to join the event with the Magic the Gathering Companion app. If […]

FNM Phyrexia, All Will Be One Draft

Join us for Phyrexia, All Will Be One draft! Draft the new set and play 3 rounds of Magic - receive a Standard draft booster for each match you win […]


Pioneer Fundraiser for Girl Scouts

Pioneer Fundraiser for Local Girl Scouts Troop Entry: $15 All Proceeds go directly to the Girl Scouts Prizes: Assorted Promos for Top 8  

Miniatures Build & Paint

Are you interested in building and/or painting miniatures? Then come hangout with us! We have the supplies to get you started.

Sunday Minis Games Open Play

Sunday is now Open Play for other minis games - Frostgrave, Gaslands, Forbidden Psalm, BattleTech, and more! Bring in your favorite minis game(s) to show off and play. Effective face-masks […]

Magic the Gathering – Pioneer

MTG Pioneer Constructed $6 entry fee Capped at 3 rounds Prize Support: 1 Standard Draft booster per match win + assorted promos Effective facemasks are required for all participants