We buy and sell Magic singles during our normal business hours. If you’re interested in selling your collection, please contact us directly.

Regularly scheduled Magic: the Gathering events:

Thursdays – Commander/EDH @ 6pm Free

Fridays – We have 2 FNM events on Friday – M:tG Draft @ 7pm for $15 and an additional constructed event for $5 at 6:45pm. Check our event page to see which format is scheduled.

Saturdays – Modern @ 2pm $5

Sundays – Brawl League @ 2pm Free

League Rules:

  • Buy 3 boosters for $20. Open them and make a deck of minimum 30 cards. Cards not in your main deck are your sideboard. You can change your main deck in between matches but changes must be recorded.
  • Fill in the ‘Match Record Chart’ & ‘Deck Check List’.
  • League matches can be played any day. You may play as many matches as you want, but only one match against the same player per day.
  • Matches must be played at Rune & Board
  • Matches are best out of one. One FREE mulligan per game (7 new cards).
  • Players may buy one (1) booster to add to their card pool after three losses in the week AND on Sunday after at least a week of play.
 (Add the new cards to your Deck Check List AND mark that you’ve purchased the weekly booster). “Weekly-boosters” don’t have to be bought on Sunday.
  • Remember to leave both papers at the store!
  • Prizes based on most games played and/or win percentage (tie breaks determined by match points). Match Win = 3 points, Draw/Tie = 2 points, Loss = 1 points
  • Prizes will be awarded for: Highest Win Percentage: 1st and 2nd place [Must have played at least 10 games]
    Most total wins based on games played: 1st place
    Most total losses based games played: 1st place
    Most Games Played: 1st place

Anyone can join the league at any given time during the 4 weeks by purchasing packs to catch up.

Minimum 8 players required for prize support.